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Hobby Challenge - Sword In The Stone

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Mad Goose / Grym Forge Hobby Challenge

Mad Goose War Games and Grym Forge are teaming up to bring you our first ever Hobbying Challenge, “The Sword in the Stone”

Use the "Sword in the Stone" model to tell a story, situation, tableau, or whatever your imagination brings you. No limits to your creativity! Build a diorama, including the piece in a base, fantasy, sci-fi, whatever you feel will help tell the story of The Sword in the Stone. Conversions are welcomed, the only rule is you must use the entire model in your piece.

We have all sorts of fabulous prizes to announce, from Army Painter, Mad Goose War Games, Gamer Grass, and more!
  • Official Rules & Regulations:
  • Must use the model in your creation.
  • Conversions are allowed, as are additional models from other manufacturers, game systems, or themes.
  • Maximum of 5 photos from 3 different angles.
  • The cost of entry is to buy the model from Grym Forge - $8:
  • Challenge runs from October 1st, to December 1st.
Multiple entries are welcome, but you'll only qualify for one prize.
Post your photos of your creation here on Mad Goose War Games Facebook page. Link Below