Samurai Farmhouses

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A modular set of farmhouses from old Japan, allowing you to create a wide variety of sizes and layouts of buildings.

Includes the following:

  • Wall finishes (3): Vertical wood, horizontal slats and half mud walls, mud walls.
  • Wall shapes (6): doorway, solid wall, sliding screen doorway, vertical barred window, open shutters, closed shutters.
  • Flooring: tatami mats, wood planks, genkan/dirt, irori firepit.
  • Doors: solid wood, paper screens, half screens, bars
  • Roofing: thatched (2 end shapes), wood with stones
  • Add-ons: side corridors, wooden lean-to sheds, extension roofing (thatched and wood), foundation stones, stone oven


All models ship unpainted and may require some assembly


Want to print your own? All files available from 3D Alien Worlds